Why choose a hydraulic lift for your boat?

Hydraulic systems offer excellent lifting power, simplicity and are relatively low maintenance.  They have the ability to lift and move great loads, without the limitations that cables and gears that will deteriorate over time

A great comparison is the heavy equipment market.  Dump trucks, front end loaders, skid steers and the majority of the machines that move the world, use hydraulic systems.

How deep must the water be for a CrossPoint Lift?

A minimum of 30" water depth is required for a CrossPoint hydraulic lift.  *However, please note that each installation is unique and we defer to a CrossPoint Certified installer to work with you on setting your lift.

The deep V crossmembers used, allow for plenty of running gear clearance in shallower water.

Warranty outline:

CrossPoint stands behind our products.  We offer a 10 year warranty of the structure of the lift, and 3 year warranty on its components (hydraulic system, bunks, dock box, solar panel, controls)

What are the dimensions of a CrossPoint Series-9 hydraulic lift?

Width:  (at widest point - crossmembers) 10'

Length: 12'

Distance between bunks: 50"

Bunk length: 12'

Footpad Size: 24"x24" 

Total weight of lift: 975lbs.

Info on CrossPoint hydraulic cylinders:

CrossPoint hydraulic cylinders are built with Socrati plated rods, and come standard with rod scrapers that keep invasive species and other lake debris clear of your hydraulic system.  The cylinders are coated with an ultra high quality paint and helps preserve the life of your hydraulic components.

CrossPoint uses large diameter cylinder and rods to lessen the working pressure required to lift heavy loads, efficiently.  

Having the proper hydraulic cylinders lessens the overall stress on your lift system.

I would like more information. Who do I contact?

Customers have questions, you have answers. You can email us at, or we can be reached via phone at 612-564-9136.